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Your renaissance begins here.

In an era where solutions often prove transient, we invite you to discover a remarkable way: Remarkable Solutions, LLC., Remarkable Properties, and A Remarkable Hive. Unified by a distinct mark of excellence, our trinity of endeavors shines brightly for those in pursuit of transformative experiences in Project & Program Management, Real Estate, and Sustainable Urban Living.​


Remarkable Solutions: The Vanguard in Project and Program Management

Embarking on the intricate pathways of IT, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Property Management demands not just expertise, but a forward-thinking vision, agility, and a dedication to synchronize diverse objectives. Remarkable Solutions stands as your beacon in this vast journey.

​🔍 Our Legacy

Our path is guided by a distinguished IT & Program Leader, whose twenty-year saga is adorned with pivotal achievements in enterprise information systems and programs. Beyond being a pillar for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, our numerous CMS-certified system implementations highlight our esteemed legacy.​

🔑 Key Strengths

Strategic Command: Seamlessly integrating IT visions with expansive business horizons.

Stakeholder Alliance: Masterfully bridging the technical with the tangible, ensuring stakeholder unity.

Transformational Vision: Spearheading systemic shifts that incubate innovation and accentuate efficiency.

Tech Prowess: From Agile paradigms to an impressive tech arsenal including Power BI, SAS BI, and Cloud platforms, our mastery is comprehensive.

Healthcare Tech Expertise: Profound acumen in realms such as MMIS, EHR/EMR, and more

.📊 Diverse Leadership Adventures

From reimagining state IT ecosystems to sculpting data governance architectures for premier analytics entities, our tapestry of experiences is rich and resplendent.​

🌟 Hallmarks of Excellence

Our trophy cabinet, adorned with recognitions from esteemed institutions like the HIMSS Foundation and accolades like Director's Awards, resonates with our unwavering dedication to excellence.​

🎓Academic & Professional Cornerstones

Rooted in Public Administration and fortified by certifications in Agile Leadership, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and more, our approach is a synthesis of traditional wisdom and modern innovation.


At a remarkable way, our pledge remains unaltered: To transcend expectations in project and program management. Join hands with us, and together, let's chart a trajectory that's not just groundbreaking, but truly remarkable.Let the journey of transformation begin.





Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Property Management

At Remarkable Properties, we redefine property management by seamlessly blending efficiency, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility. Our comprehensive suite of services ensures your property not only looks its best but also operates with precision and sustainability at its core.

Administrative Excellence:

  • Streamline your operations with our top-tier administrative services. From tenant communications to lease management and financial oversight, our seasoned team ensures the smooth functioning of every facet of your property.

Snow Removal:

  • Combat the challenges of winter with our prompt and thorough snow removal services. We prioritize safety and accessibility, ensuring your property remains clear and navigable, no matter what the weather brings.

Renewable Landscaping:

  • Embrace the future with our sustainable approach to landscaping. By utilizing renewable resources and environmentally-friendly practices, we craft landscapes that are as kind to the earth as they are beautiful.

Curb Appeal Enhancement:

  • Elevate the first impressions your property makes. Our curb appeal solutions blend design acumen with functional practicality, turning your property's exterior into a visually arresting, welcoming space that resonates with both tenants and visitors.

At Remarkable Properties, we understand that a property's value is more than just its bricks and mortar—it's in the experiences it offers and the environment it nurtures. Partner with us to foster spaces that prioritize both form and function, all while championing a sustainable future.

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Project and Program Management

A Suite of Tailored Services

At Remarkable Solutions, we understand that every venture, whether small or expansive, thrives on precision, expertise, and innovation. Our palette of services is designed with these principles in mind.

Professional Consulting:

Leverage over two decades of industry insight to navigate the nuances of IT, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Property Management. Our consultative approach ensures that your organization receives tailored strategies, aiding in the realization of its unique goals.

Project Management Consulting:

Armed with a robust toolkit of methodologies, including Agile/Waterfall, our project management consulting is the touchstone of efficiency. From initial brainstorming sessions to the final rollout, we ensure your projects are on track, within budget, and meet the desired outcomes.

Program Delivery and Execution:

Navigating complex, multi-faceted programs requires expertise and precision. Our program delivery services ensure that your projects aren't just completed but are executed to perfection, aligning with both short-term objectives and long-term strategic goals.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Initiatives:

As champions of inclusivity, we don't just talk the talk but walk the walk. Partner with us to embed DEI practices into your organizational fabric, fostering an environment that is not only diverse but also inclusive and equitable.

Data Governance & Business Intelligence:

With proficiencies in tools like Power BI, SAS BI, and Tableau, our data governance services ensure your data is not just managed but harnessed. Extract valuable insights, optimize operations, and drive business decisions powered by actionable intelligence.

Advanced System & Process Auditing:

Dive deep into your organizational systems and processes with our meticulous audits. Identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and ensure that your enterprise is operating at peak efficiency.

Healthcare IT Solutions:

Navigate the complex world of healthcare technology with our specialized services. From MMIS to EHR/EMR solutions, our expertise ensures seamless implementations, integrations, and operations.

Custom Workshops & Training:

Empower your teams with tailored workshops designed around your specific needs. Whether it's mastering a new software tool or adopting a novel project management methodology, our training modules are both informative and engaging.


With Remarkable Solutions, you're not just getting a service provider; you're gaining a partner dedicated to your success. Dive into a world where excellence is the norm, and every solution is, well, remarkable.

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Urban Sustainability 

Remarkable Hive Services
At Remarkable Hive, we believe in intertwining nature's beauty with urban practicality, all while giving back to the planet. Our suite of services embodies our commitment to sustainability, ecological balance, and aesthetic appeal.

Organic Honey Production:
Dive into the sweet world of organic beekeeping. Our honey is not just a product; it's a testament to our dedication to environmentally-friendly practices. With each drop, taste the purity, dedication, and the essence of nature.
Rain Garden Implementation:
Harness the power of rainwater with our meticulously designed rain gardens. These gardens not only manage stormwater runoff but also beautify your surroundings, turning potential water issues into aesthetic, ecological solutions.
Pollinator-Friendly Gardening:
We're advocates for our buzzing buddies! Our pollinator-friendly gardens are designed to attract and nourish a diverse range of pollinators, ensuring they have a haven in urban landscapes and playing a crucial role in the local ecosystem's health.
Sustainable Landscaping:
Our approach to landscaping goes beyond aesthetics. We prioritize native plants, soil health, and ecological balance, ensuring that your green spaces are sustainable, low maintenance, and a haven for local flora and fauna.
Curb Appeal Enhancement:
First impressions matter, and we’re here to ensure your property makes a stellar one. Integrating sustainability with style, our landscaping solutions transform exteriors into inviting, environmentally-conscious spaces that captivate at first glance.


Together, let's make a difference—one garden, one drop of honey, and one landscape at a time. Join us on this journey to create remarkable spaces that nurture both humans and nature.

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